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The end of JET

One more thing...the JET Program is pretty interesting in itself. I think if anything the misuse of JETs in school is evidence that the program is still needed. The lack of understanding or feeling that there can not be understanding between us, is JETs cause on some levels, but I completely agree with the misrepresentation of "internationalization" that is happening when most JETs are pulled from the U.S., UK or Australia. I have no problem saying that the JET Program needs to change, but I hope it doesn't go.

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  1. So Japan is a thing of the past, eh? I came to your CS page to see where you were, and I saw this! So what's next, where are you now? I tried to add you on FB to see what the heck you've been up to but there were too many of you :)

    Hope you are well!